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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How does Diasozo transform relationships?

A.  Diasozo's provides an unconventional view of past, present and future relationships to validate trust and reveal allies.

This includes:

  • Ally Identification
  • Background Investigations
  • Liaison Identification
  • Message Assurance
  • Performance Analysis



Q.  What support does Diasozo provide for management and CEO's?

A.  Diasozo provides executive protection intelligence. We help you build your own systematic intelligence system to assure timely reliable information concerning trust, risk and opportunity.




Q.  How does Diasozo protect privacy?

A.  We use multiple guidance tools to reduce or eliminate unwanted online information and to prevent or repair identity theft.




Q.  Does Diasozo conduct background checks?

A.  Diasozo conducts private investigations, fitness-for-duty research, and performs in-depth background checks to protect against fraud and the sophisticated interests of our clients. 





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