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Frequently Asked Questions





Q.  How does Diasozo help business owners, CEO's and other management?

  • A.  Diasozo intelligence-led solutions begin where conventional human resources end. We build a customized intelligence system for each client to assure timely reliable information concerning trust, risk and opportunity. This cogent support for private sector principals allows them to meet risk head-on.
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Q.  What privacy protection does Diasozo provide?

  • A.  We provide proprietary tools to help you identify privacy threats and prevent or remedy exploitation. Our fused intelligence reports provides actionable guidance to protect vital information.
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Q.  Does Diasozo conduct background checks?

  • A.  Diasozo conducts private investigations, fitness-for-duty research, and performs in-depth background checks to protect against fraud and the sophisticated interests of our clients. 
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Q.  How does Diasozo develop and strengthen relationships?

  • A.  Diasozo's provides an inimitable view of past, present and future relationships to calibrate communications, validate trust and reveal allies.
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